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Question #9981 posted on 11/09/2004 4:05 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are people here REALLY always offended, or do they just say that to get attention?

- Sick of "Offending" People

A: Dear Sick,

I dunno. I personally think we, as a culture, need to learn to laugh at ourselves a little more. A good stereotypical example: the lead woman in Singles Ward when she got all ticked off at the main guy for telling Mormon jokes. Get over it.

- Mighty Quinn
A: Dear So'O'P,

Usually I'm not offended by the things people do, but there are a few exceptions. It bugs me to pieces when people refuse to use any kind of reason. If they draw different conclusions than I do, that's fine. But if they won't give me reasons for their intentionally boorish remarks, it doesn't impress me a whole lot. The other thing that bugs me is people trying deliberately to be offensive. I usually oblige them, and resent it deeply. There was a kid in one of my classes in high school who found I was LDS.
"So you don't like it when people swear, right, Uffish?"
"Yeah, I don't like it much. I can deal, but I prefer not to have to hear it."
"Well, **** that, you ******* ****** piece of ****! Hahahahaha!"
After that day, he enjoyed seeking me out every day of class for the sole purpose of cursing at me. I can deal with swearing. But when it's directed at me with the express purpose of offending me, I lose respect for that person really fast. The same applies to other methods of offending. If you're not intending to be rude, though, don't worry about it too much. But do try and limit the things that are generally considered offensive- it's only polite. I don't subscribe to the 'if you're offended, it's your own fault' theory. I think both parties should take some responsibility for the social problems of everyday life.

-Uffish Thought