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Question #19683 posted on 10/18/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear Sage-like 100 Hour Board,

I was going to add this question onto my other question today but your instructions requested separate submissions for separate questions.

As I've mentioned in the last question, my roommate and I were watching the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History DVD. In the "Zion's Camp" segment, they sing the hymn/song "Hark! Listen to the Trumpeters". I am curious to know if I can find an arrangement of that song with lyrics and music somewhere-I think it would be a fun song to sing (although I confess I am a horrible singer).

Here's to many hours wasted/spent reading the Board instead of doing productive things like school or work...if only I got paid for reading the Board...,

Sinks Like a Rock

A: Dear Sinks,

No kidding! I wish we got paid for writing!

Anyway, here is your song. http://www.ccel.org/s/southern_harmony/sharm/sharm/hymn/t=The+Trumpeters.html