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Question #19498 posted on 10/13/2005 3:13 a.m.

Dear 99.9999 Hour Board,

Where can I find information regarding the people who betrayed the prophet jospeh smith, and what happened to them?
Is there an list on the internet, a book perhaps? I have looked, but I have yet to find much.

Thanks for your service,

-Moving onwards, hoping for upwards

A: Dear Moving,

There is in fact a book that speaks of exactly what you are asking about. It is titled, "THE FATE OF THE PERSECUTORS OF THE PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH" and was written by N.B. Lundwall. It was published by Bookcraft in Salt Lake City circa 1952. It has become somewhat of a collectors item, as it is no longer in print. I have seen it for as little as $65.00. http://www.confettibooks.com/si/23956.html One of my missionary companions paid over $100 for it and thought he was getting a great deal.